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Clean Air for Citizens of Barrie
Clean Air is a Right, not a Privilege!
Recent Entries 
According to the World Bank, the real culprit for the worsening global food crisis is biofuels.

Story can be read here:
26th-Jan-2008 07:55 pm - Recent Ethanol News
Cornwall ethanol plant may cost tax payers over $2 million dollars:
Story can be viewed here:

Europe considers ban on importing some bio fuel crops:
Story can be viewed here:

Developer files application to stop proposed Barrie ethanol plant:
Story can be viewed here:

Norfolk Southern ethanol train de-rails:
Story can be viewed here:

Fire breaks out at Prairie Ethanol plant:
Story can be viewed here:

Location has always been the main concern about allowing an ethanol plant to be built within the city limits of Barrie, Ontario -one of the fastest growing communities in Canada.
The majority of the plants in the United States are located in rural areas with low population density.
Recently two proposals were brought forth with the intention of establishing an ethanol plant in an urban environment. The first was to be in Fayetteville NC. This plant was rejected due to widespread community opposition.
The second was to be built in the Chesapeake-Portsmouth area of Virginia.
This proposal has now been rejected by both councils.
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20th-Sep-2007 10:58 pm - Recent Ethanol Incidents

2000 people evacuated from ethanol/gas fire caused by static electricity in Sioux Center:

Silo fire at Badger State Ethanol:

700 students flee lab after beaker of ethanol ignites:

Lightning strike causes explosion at biofuels facility in Brazil:

20th-Sep-2007 09:50 pm - Ethanol Train Incident Videos
 Ethanol Train Fire:

Norfolk Southern Ethanol Train Derailment:

To get an idea of the size of some ethanol trains, and the waiting times for traffic that may occur at various points in Barrie should an ethanol plant be built ,
click here:

The new Delta-T designed ethanol plant in Milton, Wi . has been the source of  recent complaints according to this article from the Janesville Gazette.:


The proposed ethanol plant location in the middle of the city of Barrie is unsuitable according to the local MPP.
Story can be viewed here:

A new report from Iowa State U predicts a bust in the ethanol plant building boom in 2008.
Story can be viewed here: http://www.startribune.com/535/story/1192832.html

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